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June 08, 2008


Josh Chambers

Hey Ernie. Thanks for joining us this morning.

This post made me think of DVD's when they first came out. Remember when they became "interactive?" You could change the angles on certain views, or click a button and read some back story on a particular scene. I always sort of wanted to want to take some action, but I found I would rather just watch and enjoy the movie.

I haven't scene an "interactive" DVD in quite awhile, I'm guessing that died? The interactive pieces are kept within the "Bonus Features" section.

Even with something like VH1's Popup Video that was so big for awhile, I didn't have to DO anything--I could still just consume...

Ernie Mosteller

Josh, thanks for having us. Good group, good discussion.

And you're right about the DVDs. Bonus material is only a bonus if you see it as a bonus, and not an impediment. I once shot a spot for a Nerf gun that shot darts AND water. It sucked at both. Even the kids in the spot hated it. Just give me a good squirt gun. Or a good dart gun. One or the other, please.

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